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I’m a firm believer that learning should be fun, especially when the learners are kids. The use of games, activities, and other hands-on methods get children and teens involved in the learning process instead of just being observers. Not only do I use these types of methods with my own kids, ages 5 (she’ll be 6 next week!) and 10, I’ve also used them repeatedly with kids as a youth worker, tutor, mentor, and teacher.

Imagination and flexibility are key to using visuals, games, and activities to teach children and teens. There aren’t any two kids out there who are exactly the same or learn in exactly the same way. No two children will gain exactly the same lessons from a learning activity.  Games will work the same with different groups of kids. So, that means, adults have to also be in tune with their creative side, stay on their toes, and be ready to change with the needs of the child or group of kids.

To get you started, here is a short list of some of my favorite games that teach kids:

  • Interactive Games to Teach Kids Social Skills – Development of social skills is important to the growth of children. Social skills help them make friends, communicate and relate with other kids and adults, make decisions, solve problems, and learn to act appropriately. One way parents, teachers and youth workers can help kids learn and develop social skills is by using interactive games. Kids learn best when allowed to apply and practice what they’re taught in a playful, non-threatening environment. Incorporating games into lessons is an excellent way to do that. Try these interactive games for kids.
  • Communication-Building Activity for Parents and Children – Developing good communication skills at an early age helps kids build healthyrelationships with other children and adults, and feel more confident in themselves. Unfortunately, communication between parents and children is often strained, unclear and, sadly, sometimes almost nonexistent. If you find your relationship with your child falling into this trap, try this quick communication building activity for parents and kids to help you redirect your attention on each other.
  • Five Fun Icebreaker Games for Tweens and Teens – Icebreakers are games and activities that encourage people of all ages to get acquainted, relax, and become part of the group. I’ve worked as a youth leader for over 15 years and use icebreakers to ease new members into the group, encourage preteens and teens to get to know each other better, and get them loose and excited about the upcoming event. Icebreaker games work well for youth group meetings, kids’ parties, and informal classroom settings. Here are five of my favorite icebreaker games for tweens and teens.
  • Team Building Games for Preteens and Teenagers - We live in a society that stresses an “it’s all about me” mentality. Kids are exposed to that, too, so it’s no wonder they often struggle to work together. This is evident whenever a group of kids are gathered in a classroom, party or other youth event. I often use games and icebreakers to help the teenagers and tweens in my youth programs develop their social skills and communicate better. Try these team building games for groups.
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  1. I also think that learning should be fun. That is why I find your ideas very good. Thank you for that.

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