Fun Ways to Teach Kids About Animals

Kids love animals, so why not use them teach? Cute, gross and unique animals all seem to grab children’s attention, so it’s time to use those critters to our advantage! After all, the whole idea is to get kids excited about learning, right?

Most kids are all ears (and tails!) when animals are involved, so here are some of our favorite pet theme lesson plans, crafts, games and activities:

Pet Lesson Using Franklin the Turtle
Whether they have a pet of their own or not, most kids are fascinated by animals. This preschool lesson plan uses Franklin’s search for a pet in Franklin Wants a Pet to teach children about different types of animals. It also focuses on some of the different environments in which pets live. Preschoolers will practice animal recognition and matching skills with this lesson.

Connect the Alphabet Puppy Dots
Print out this fun, connect-the-dots picture for kids to practice arranging the letters of the alphabet in order. This PDF, along with many other cute animal theme ideas, can be found at

Lesson Plan About Caring for Pets
Help kids learn about caring for their pets with this fun lesson based on Mercer Mayer’s book, Just Me and My Puppy. The lesson also includes a short song and game to get children actively involved.

3-D Pet Craft
This project teaches kids how to make their own 3-D pets, like the featured at the top of this article. The 3-D pet craft is made from a recycled toilet paper roll and scrap materials. This crafts project is great for home or school.

Pet Games and Activities
Check out these games, printable coloring pages and activities for teaching kids through the use of animals, at

You can also find a list of excellent pet themed books, activities, games, and learning resources in the Pre-K Pets Theme Unit at

Do you have any fun pet themed lessons, activities or crafts? Feel free to share your ideas with Creative Kids Ideas in the comments section.

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